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"I knew I'd found the right man to create TASCHEN's first 3D books when he signed his email Captain Schnitz. After all, who'd want a mere civilian when you can have an officer?

Jon listened and understood our needs, but also educated us about the modern art of 3D conversion, steering us to what would give the best result, rather than just producing what we asked for.

Both Benedikt Taschen and I were very impressed with the subtlety of Jon's approach, how he and his team could create a 3D photo that was aesthetically pleasing even without the glasses, but plumped up into full three dimensional roundness when viewed with the glasses, unlike other 3D we'd seen that appeared to be just layers of flat images on different planes.

We're very pleased with the work of Jon Schnitzer and his team at The Brain Factory; their 3D is the best I've ever seen!"

Dian Hanson

The Secret Guide To "The Big Book Of Breasts 3D"


"The Brain Factory really did a spectacular job creating, on a tight deadline, a dynamic lenticular poster for our feature in the works, Demon Road. This poster was presented at the Berlin Film Festival and was quite the center of attention, everyone was blown away."

John Rosengrant
Owner/Partner Legacy Effects

Demon Road Poster


I'm Jon Schnitzer - co-owner of The Brain Factory and 3D Director/Producer.

I have been an avid fan of all things 3D since I was 8 years old and I'm thrilled to be working with some of my childhood heroes, helping to ensure that 3D IS THE FUTURE! I'm proud to have collaborated with pop culture Icons (Including Academy Award Winners) to create unforgettable 3D experiences for historic celebrations and publications.

Why brainstorm with us?

We are 3D specialists and innovators, with first-to-market products and strategies that build awareness, loyalty and community. The Brain Factory excels at orchestrating 3D marketing campaigns across both traditional and new media channels to create buzz and maximum impact.

We love all 3D formats and we know what works! Every 3D production requires expertise, creativity and artistry to create the illusion of no limitations. We consult and collaborate with you from concept to distribution, to ensure the best possible return on your 3D investment.

We know what fans want, because we are the fans - and certifiable pop culturists. We know what 3D artists need to make the most exciting and immersive images, because we are 3D artists. We know the most cutting edge technologies, because we create them. We are plugged into 3D artist and 3D scientist communities around the world.

I look forward to speaking with you - you can reach me at

- Jon Schnitzer
3D mastermind and fanboy

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