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Learn About Anaglyph 3D

Anaglyph 3D (aka, red and blue 3D) remains popular because the glasses are inexpensive and because anaglyph can be captured, encoded, edited and displayed over any method available (print, tv, dvd and web). Also, anaglyph can be quite beautiful, especially in black-and-white.

Anaglyph 3D works by using color filters to ensure that the two scenes are properly presented to the correct eye and that the other eye only sees its own scene. Each filter effectively blocks the eye from seeing that color, making the other eye's image invisible. Check out the color wheel to see how this works across the full spectrum.

The brain then combines the two flat filtered images and perceives a single full-color - or black/white - 3D image.

Red-blue 3D currently in use is actually red and cyan, which gives better skin tones than blue.

Colorcode 3D is a new spin on anaglyph, with amber lenses instead of red and a much darker blue than cyan. Amber allows in a broader spectrum of colors, for more intense reds. However, blue blocks out a lot more light than amber. After the Colorcode 3D TV broadcasts of the Monsters vs Aliens preview (Super Bowl '09) and NBC's comedy Chuck, some viewers complained the image was too dark on one side and the 3D experience was not that great.

Anaglyph is not appropriate for extended viewing of moving images, but it still has a lot of fun applications and 3D artists can make truly stunning anaglyphs.

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The technical demands of anaglyph 3D require expertise, creativity and artistry to create the illusion of no limitations. Contact The Brain Factory to brainstorm how to get the most out of your 3D project.

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