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Learn About Chromadepth 3D

Chromadepth 3D popularity is on the rise, thanks to Crayola's new 3D Sidewalk Chalk and the fact that even a small child can make a satisfying enough 3D image.

Chromadepth works because the glasses lenses are made of prism-like holograms. They diffract colors so that red appears the closest and blue the furthest away - with the whole spectrum in between, from front to back.

Chromadepth is the only universal 3D display method - and it is especially vibrant viewed on TV and computer monitors, and can look cool even without glasses.

If you want to experiment with chromadepth yourself, here are some basics to get started.

Chromadepth 101
  • For closer objects, use warmer colors: brightest red at the front, transitioning to oranges as you move further away
  • Objects in the middle-ground should be yellow and light green
  • For furthest objects, use cooler colors: darkest blue at the most distant point, transitioning to greens as you come closer
  • Use blocks of contrasting colors (red/blue), or outline shapes in black
  • Be careful with white, it can destroy the 3D effect
  • Avoid magenta, unless you want objects to have a fuzzy edge
  • Text/background color options:
    • Use 2 colors from opposite ends of the spectrum (ie, red/blue)
    • Exception: light green / dark green works
  • Use a shiny coating for chromadepth printing, uncoated paper reduces contrast and diminishes the 3D effect
  • Buy Crayola 3D Sidewalk Chalk on Amazon or at your local toy store - also a fun (and very affordable) gift for everyone
Experience Chromadepth 3D - from your friends at The Brain Factory.
Create Chromadepth 3D - with your friends at The Brain Factory.

The technical demands of chromadepth 3D production require expertise, creativity and artistry to create the illusion of no limitations. Contact The Brain Factory to brainstorm how to get the most out of your 3D project.

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