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Learn About Lenticulars, 3D Lenticulars & Flip Lenticulars

Lenticulars are very popular, because the images can be so eye-catching. Also, it is the only 3D format that does not require glasses. Instead, a plastic sheet made of many tiny lenses (aka, lenticules) is laid over multiple "interlaced" views of the same image.
Lenticular image quality and clarity is determined by:
  • Lenticule width (aka, lens pitch), usually expressed as LPI (aka, lenses-per-inch)
  • Lenticular sheet thickness, usually expressed in mm
  • Number of image views used
  • Style and detail of "in-between" image views
  • "Interlacing" of all the in-between image views (transition from one view, to the next)
The art of view creation and interlacing can not be underestimated. The Brain Factory's lenticular image preparation process is 100% unique (and top secret!), allowing us to craft and interlace numerous detailed in-between views very quickly. We pride ourselves on creating the most amazing lenticulars - from start-to-finish - in record time.

Why is lenticular image preparation so critical? Without the proper in-between views, lenticular images can look distorted or choppy and make viewers dizzy. Without proper interlacing, "ghosting" or "cross-talking" can occur - when both eyes see the same information, the effect is ruined.

Lenticulars can be either 3D or motion (aka, flip). 3D lenticulars allow for a printed image with true depth. Flip lenticulars allow for a printed image to morph or move. Our high-end flip lenticulars can even display short video clips.

Create Lenticulars - with your friends at The Brain Factory.

You have to see lenticulars in person, since that's how they're intended to be viewed.

Meanwhile, check out these iPhone photos of lenticulars and holograms. T4 @ Cinerama Dome

The technical demands of lenticular production require expertise, creativity and artistry to create the illusion of no limitations. Contact The Brain Factory to brainstorm how to get the most out of your 3D project.

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