The Brain Factory specializes in creating  visceral VR simulations and experiences,  using our expertise in 3D storytelling and soundscaping to connect  with audiences on a much deeper level.  

FLATLINE EXPERIENCE (2017) is an ambitious 3D VR project, that gives people the opportunity to become active participants in actual near death experiences from the storyteller's point of view.  

"With FLATLINE, I didn't want to simply transport you, I wanted to transform you." - Jon Schnitzer, Creator, Director/Producer & Co-Developer

FLATLINE creator, director & producer, Jon Schnitzer (co-owner of The Brain Factory), had the concept over 15 years ago after meeting someone who had a near death experience.  VR technology is now advanced to a point he was able to achieve his vision - to explore human spirituality and brain chemistry - and help face our fears of the unknown.

The Brain Factory teamed up with 3D Live // AXO and a team of talented soundscape artists to create an emotionally powerful and original VR experience with immersive 3D that heightens the emotional impact.

“Virtual Reality is all about building complete worlds from scratch, which requires a true vision and creative problem solving. Jon Schnitzer is the perfect VR Director because of his vast knowledge of 3D, film and immersive entertainment. We're really looking forward to working with The Brain Factory again because collaborating with Jon was inspiring and a lot of fun for our whole team.”
- Nathan Huber 3D Live // AXO, Co-Founder & CEO

FLATLINE Soundscape Artists

The Brain Factory has a slate of VR projects planned for 2017 and beyond, that range from primal to cerebral. We have a history of creating 3D installations and art for Hollywood icons, historic celebrations and major publications. 

Jon Schnitzer Creator/Director/Producer/Co-Developer of FLATLINE VR

Jon Schnitzer Creator/Director/Producer/Co-Developer of FLATLINE VR