The Brain Factory has been honored to collaborate on 3D projects with visionary icons and brands like Tim Burton, TASCHEN Books, Annenberg Foundation and Legacy FX. Our expertise and love of immersive 3D was a natural evolution to the cutting edge of VR storytelling. 


It has been a dream come true to work with creative mastermind Tim Burton to transform his visionary art into interactive 3D illusions. From his MoMA art show invitations to President Obama's first Halloween at The White House.


TASCHEN is legendary in the art world, which is why it has been an incredible honor to be their only partner chosen to produce all their 3D books.

“Benedikt Taschen and I were very impressed with the subtlety of Jon’s approach, how he and his team could create a 3D photo that was aesthetically pleasing even without the glasses, but plumped up into full three dimensional roundness…unlike other 3D we’d seen…” — Dian Hanson, Editor TASCHEN

The Brain Factory’s Secret Guide To  "The Big Book Of Breasts 3D"